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Creative Littles

Small Kit

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A Creative Littles small kit is perfect for on-the-go playtime. For kids age 3 and up.

Every small kit is designed around a theme of your choice. The kit consists of a box (rectangular) with 4 interior compartments to store and sort treasures.

Every kit contains:

  • 1 ball of colorful homemade playdough (contains gluten)
  • 1 to 2 figurines
  • 2 containers of small sensory toys. Items will vary by kit, and may include foam shapes, crinkly paper, rocks, vials of glitter, seashell, craft moss, or charms.

The box measures 9.05" x 2.28" x 2.48". 

 PLEASE NOTE: Kits contain small items that are choking hazards. Not for use for kids under 3 years old. Please use with supervision.


9.05" x 2.28" x 2.48"

What makes this Creative Littles kit special?

  • Our kits spark curiosity, imagination, textural exploration -- and promote 1 on 1 or independent play. And we all know children learn best through meaningful, hands-on play.
  • Small kits are portable and easily fit in little backpacks for fun on the go.
  • The packaging is perfect. A clear box with 4 compartments is ideal for storage, and kids love rearranging the colorful compartments. The box lid provides the perfect surface for kneading dough. And the clear container makes it easy for kids to see what's inside.
  • Long-lasting playdough. This interlocking storage system extends the life of your play-dough. When inside the sealed box, your playdough can last for up to several months.


9.05" x 2.28" x 2.48"

You’re sensory kits are my kids’ favorite presents! Thanks again!! -Emily